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Websites & Social Media

Customer Focused Content Is Key to Effective Websites and Social Media

The Ramminger Group has built websites from the ground up. And developed and created content for many more.

We can provide interesting, relevant content for your current website, help you rethink what you have, or help you craft a whole new site. The approach depends on where you are now, the purpose of the site, and a number of other factors.

A lack of meaningful content, poor organization, poor writing, substandard photos, inconsistency, and a failure to continually add fresh content are at the top of the list of website sins. Even websites that look slick and professional at first glance can be terrible in terms of content and organization. You have seconds to grab a potential customer's attention and help them find what they are looking for. It's got to be easy.

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Your website content should all be created from your customers' point of view. It should keep your brand in mind and the content should be written and presented in a consistent voice. Visitors to your site should be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. That can be difficult to pull off if you are too close to the subject. Someone with an outside perspective can often see things that you might miss or take for granted.

You certainly need to pay attention to SEO and the technical details that go into an effective website. The site needs to be fast. The copy and headings need to be created with search engines in mind. The site needs to look and function well on both mobile and desktop platforms, as over 60 percent of web traffic comes from mobile devices.

But solid, relevant content is the place to start. The best looking, fastest website with the latest SEO magic won’t do much for you without top-notch content. At the end of the day, that’s what will get customers to your site. And your other content marketing efforts — social media posts, e-newsletters, blogs, all can drive traffic to your website, where your customers can see the full array of what you have to offer.

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Social Media

Business-to-business social media is considerably different from its business-to-consumer cousin. Again, strategic, relevant, well-crafted content is the key. Crisp, interesting posts deployed on a regular basis can lead customers directly to your business or to your website for more information.

Mini case studies, new product announcements, new customer relationships, strategic partnerships, interesting facts about your company, a tease for the full version of your e-newsletter are all possibilities. Your social media program should be integrated with the other elements of your marketing communications strategy.

As with websites and other tools, having a social media plan, executing consistently, “listening” or paying attention to what works — and top-flight content — are keys.

But content comes first. 

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