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Newsletters & Magazines

Articles and Publications That Draw Readers In and Tell Your Story


Scott Ramminger has served as the editor and publisher of trade magazines and newsletters on topics ranging from concrete products to treated wood, frozen food, food distribution, and convenience distribution, to name a few.


He took an industry trade magazine from multi-year revenue losses to profitability in less than a year. At another organization, he took two separate magazines of poor quality and combined them into one publication, using production savings to beef up editorial contact and create a bold look for the new publication.

Scott has written and edited scores of newsletter and magazine articles on all sorts of topics, and conducted interviews with top corporate leaders, Cabinet members, engineers. inventors, scientists, and construction foremen. He's ghost written articles, op-ed pieces, and more for a wide range of Fortune 500 executives and a former Cabinet official. He's good at simplifying complex topics for a general audience — or targeting specialized audiences where the incorrect use of a technical term can blow your credibility.

Whether the medium is digital or print, quality content is what wins the day. Good ideas, good writing, and the right voice and tone — coupled with compelling photos and graphics — are the ingredients for success. 

The Ramminger Group has the experience, creativity, and hustle to deliver. 

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