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About The Ramminger Group

It's All About Strategy, Ideas, Creativity, Content & Execution 

No matter what you're trying to sell or whom you are trying to persuade, it all starts with a solid strategy, an exciting idea, and the kind of creative content that cuts through the clutter to get noticed. 

The good news is that with The Ramminger Group you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the results you want.  We have smarts, hustle, and ingenuity. The Ramminger group can supply strategy, content creation, design, copywriting, and execution -- creating full campaigns or working with clients on an ala carte or project basis in ways that larger firms typically won't.


The Ramminger Group is a boutique firm that specializes in business-to-business marketing, communications and strategic consulting.  We can provide access to top-shelf marketing communications and public relations that smaller, business-facing companies frequently can't find affordably from larger firms.  We have a particular specialty and significant experience in the construction products industry.  We also have a specialty in working with non-profit trade associations and charitable organizations of all kinds in areas ranging from strategy and management to communications and marketing.

Founder and CEO Scott Ramminger has many years of progressively responsible experience in marketing strategy development, public relations, public affairs, marketing communications, and organization management.   Ramminger has developed, created and managed national marketing and communications campaigns, written speeches for former cabinet officials, placed op-eds in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, served as an industry spokesperson in crisis communications situations on national broadcast television, has written Congressional testimony, and has testified before Congress and various national regulatory agencies.  He has been a registered lobbyist and has a wide range of public affairs experience in Washingon, DC. Ramminger also has organized and run a wide range of events, from press conferences to educational seminars, to full-scale conventions. He served for some 20 years as the CEO of two different  DC-based national trade associations. 

Ramminger has assembled a team of top communications and other professionals to work alongside him. Together, they can deliver big-budget quality work on smaller budgets.

Contact Scott today to find out how the Ramminger Group can help you.

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