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About the Ramminger Group

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The Ramminger Group is a boutique firm that specializes in business-to-business marketing communications, content, and strategy. We've:  


  • Produced full rebranding and marketing campaigns for corporations

  • Supplied copywriting and case study development services to trade associations and corporate clients

  • Created technical manuals

  • Written video scripts

  • Developed trade show booths

  • Written blogs and social media posts

  • And more


The Ramminger Group includes Scott Ramminger, Gus Ramminger, and a great team of top communications and related professionals.


Our speciality is delivering big-budget quality work on smaller budgets.  


We have a particular ability to dig customer benefits out of complex technical products and services.​ 


If all you need is top-shelf copy for your website or marketing campaign, speech, series of blogs, or ghost-written article, we can do that.  


If you need a full campaign or need to hand off a project or two during your busy season, we can do that too. Just ask!

Scott Ramminger, Chief Executive Officer

Scott Ramminger has a wide range of writing, editing, marketing, communications, and organization management experience. He holds a BS in journalism from the University of Tennessee Knoxville and is a graduate of a six-year organization management program, the Institute for Organization Management.  

After working during and immediately after college as a newspaper reporter for two major daily newspapers, Ramminger held senior communications and marketing positions at the American Frozen Food Institute, the National Concrete Masonry Association, and Food Distributors International. In these positions, he ran major national public relations programs for frozen food and concrete products, served as editor and publisher of three national trade journals, wrote speeches for Fortune 500 CEOs and a former Cabinet Member, and ghost-wrote and placed op-ed pieces in The Washington PostThe New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, and many other consumer and trade publications.

Ramminger went on to serve as CEO of two national trade associations — the American Wood Preservers Institute and the Convenience Distribution Association. He grew revenue, membership, and member engagement at both organizations. He created new business-to-business meetings, overhauled the lobbying and regulatory affairs and communications operations of both groups, handled major public relations challenges, and testified before the U.S. Congress and at a variety of regulatory hearings. 


Ramminger served as an industry spokesman in a wide range of hostile broadcast and print interviews. He boosted the online presence of both organizations and pioneered the use of a distributed workforce. He has also organized and run a wide range of events, from press conferences to educational seminars, to full-scale conventions and trade shows.

Since forming The Ramminger Group in 2017, Ramminger has supplied writing to other larger marketing firms, and for clients with in-house marketing teams. He’s taken on soup-to-nuts projects for the same. He has also strategized with clients and created whole new marketing programs that included websites, e-newsletters, case studies, trade show booths, print collateral, and more. 

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Gus Ramminger, Account Executive & Digital Marketing Specialist

With a BS in Business from Virginia Tech, Gus Ramminger is a strong writer with high proficiency in working with, analyzing, and communicating the meaning of statistical information and data — and turning it into results for clients.  


He has advanced technical knowledge and experience in SEO, data collection, and analysis in Hubspot, Apollo, Google Analytics, social media, and email marketing — with the ability to translate data into program actions, plans, and results.

At FT2OM, a financial services company, Gus used SEMrush and other search tools to collect statistics and data.  He executed keyword research on competitors and used online ranking data to help FT2OM develop strategic content and website messaging. He designed and maintained a LinkedIn post tracker and posting strategy that significantly raised metrics on impressions, reactions, and shares. He undertook website structure and SEO analysis and made recommendations on what keywords to emphasize. Gus also conducted content audits of competition and produced spreadsheets and reports to shape the packages offered to FT2OM clients.


At Brand Publis, a strategy and management consultancy, Gus planned, organized, and executed assignments related to content optimization, using MarketMuse to analyze data — an assignment that required high sensitivity to proprietary information. He conducted extensive content audits, management studies, and reporting to identify content gaps, improve consistency, and ensure coverage of the buying cycle. He translated analysis into program goals and actions that boosted the click-through rate of a client on Facebook Ads by over 75 percent, and made suggestions for new, modernized ads more relevant to the client’s target demographic.

Gus holds a variety of digital analytics and marketing certifications including: Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere (Google), Coursera; Inbound Marketing, Hubspot Academy; The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Google Digital Garage; HTML Essential Training, LinkedIn Learning.

Chase Ramminger, Corporate Canine

Chase Ramminger's experience is primarily in the area of sniffing out a story, eating copy that he particularly likes, taking coworkers to lunch, and chasing down a lead.

He is a Sheepadoodle (a cross between a Sheep Dog and Standard Poodle), so he ostensibly should be good at herding sheep; however, he has not yet received certification for this skill.

Chase is a graduate of a prestigious Canine Training Program and will sometimes obey a command if he is in the mood. He enjoys long walks in moderate weather, running around in circles, and hanging out with his friend Palmer, another neighborhood pooch. He has been placed on probation by HR several times, but remains a valuable member of The Ramminger Group team.


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