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Case Studies

Tell Your Story With Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to tell your story — or to let your customers tell your story for you.

The first rule of good communication is: "Show, don't tell."  That's exactly what case studies do. Rather than telling your potential customers how your product or service can solve problems and help them improve the bottom line, case studies show them how your offering has worked for others. The more technical or complicated your product or service, the better case studies work. How many times have your heard one person explaining something to provide an example? That's exactly what case studies do — they can quantify by example the strength of your offerings and commitment to quality and customer service.

Case studies deliver across many different applications and different media.


They can be written and designed as a simple front-and-back 8.5 x 11-inch document that works as both a digital PDF and a print piece. They are easy to email or even text as a PDF, and if you want to print a few, it's simple and cheap. Your salespeople can grab an appropriate case study and send it to a potential client to help close a sale. 


In addition, the copy and photos can be used on your website, and shortened versions can be posted on LinkedIn and other social media sites. 

Did we mention that it’s the content that matters most? It needs to be relevant and interesting to the audience and written in a compelling manner. And, it doesn’t hurt to be entertaining once in a while. Plus, as the old saying goes, a picture can be worth a thousand words.

We can supply full finished case studies, complete with graphics and layout, or simply supply the writing.

Case studies let your customers tell the story of how your product or service benefited or solved a problem for them.  According to the Content Marketing Institute, 73 percent of the most successful content marketers used case studies.

Here are just a few of the case studies The Ramminger Group has produced over the last few years.


Our work for Dynamic Color Solutions and the National Concrete Masonry Association included both writing and design. We've also included a series that was done for a national advertising agency, for which we provided writing only.

Dynamic Color Solutions

Writing and Design

National Concrete Masonry Association

Writing and Design

National Ad Agency


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