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Delivering powerful content & marketing solutions.

With a wide range of writing, editing, marketing, communications, and organization management experience, CEO Scott Ramminger is the lead on client projects.
Strategy & Creativity

​Scott started out as a writer/editor and PR man, and wound up as CEO of two national non-profit trade associations — in large part because he's an effective, creative communicator and a strategic thinker.


The Ramminger Group can help develop your business strategy, or if you're simply looking for content, it doesn't hurt to hire people who think strategically.

Targeted Content

Experience counts and ideas matter. Effective, engaging content is an essential part of business-to-business marketing.  Scott has written blogs, articles, news releases, ad copy, speeches, op-eds, video scripts, and manuals. He's created websites, videos, and podcasts.


The Ramminger Group has the ability to create content targeted to a general audience or to scientists and engineers.​

Case Studies

"Show, don't tell" is what case studies — a content specialty of The Ramminger Group — are all about. They show how your products or services have solved problems and boosted bottom lines. Case studies can be used as stand-alone pieces and to provide fresh content for your website social media program. 


Check out some samples under the Work: Case Studies tab.

Digital, Web, Social 

Scott has created new websites and helped reorganize existing ones. He's written a wide range of web copy including blogs and social media posts, and produced a variety of video and audio content. 

The Ramminger Group team includes web and social media specialists, graphic designers, videographers, and video editors to support your projects as needed.

And, Scott owns a professional level recording studio and video editing rig.

Editorial, PR, Collateral

Scott began as a newspaper reporter and has written, edited, and produced hundreds of magazine and newsletter issues. 


As a PR man, he's placed stories with outlets ranging from Good Morning America to Engineering News Record


Scott has written and managed the design and production of hundreds of brochures and annual reports. 


He has also written speeches, Congressional testimony, and op-eds for Fortune 500 CEOs and former Cabinet officials.​ 

Just What You Need

If all you need is killer copy for your website or publication, a series of blogs, or a speech that gets people on their feet, we can help with that. 


If you are a small business or association that needs help with your marketing communications strategy and program, we can help with that too.   


We're fast, flexible, and specialists at delivering champagne results on a beer budget.

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