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@ For a national pigment manufacturer, The Ramminger Group has developed and is executing a complete marketing communications program.  The campaign includes a revamped website; a series of case studies, and a targeted e-mail marketing campaign.

@ The Ramminger has developed strategic marketing content for several different industrial product manufacturers in the construction products space.  Case studies.  Prototype web pages.  E-mail and digital advertising campaigns. 

@ For a concrete products trade association, the Ramminger Group developed a targeted advertising, e-mail marketing, and public relations campaign aimed at providing information to civil engineers to aid them in designing with and specifying the industry's products.

@ A major DC-based nonprofit engaged The Ramminger Group to overhaul its flagship publication. The new document explains the group's highly technical mission in an understandable and interesting way -- while remaining technically accurate.

@ For a national construction products trade association, the Ramminger Group is developing a series of case studies that showcase the versatility of the products.  

@  For a national trade association, The Ramminger Group conducted a study on how outsourcing some functions could help the group redirect more resources into member programs and services that directly benefit members.

@ For a non-profit arts organization, The Ramminger Group conducted a detailed analysis of the group's operations , funding, and continued viability.

@ For the  President and Chairman of the Board of a national organization, the Ramminger Group developed a major presentation outlining the recent work of the group and articulating the benefits of membership.


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